Bamboo Akoya Scarab Hoodie

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This hoodie is super soft made out of buttery soft and durable bamboo and has a POTENT story woven into it. All the art work is hand drawn by me and silk screened onto the hoodie in a gradient fade. It has thumb hole loops and a side zipper on the collar with a sweet feather zipper tab and a cozy front pocket to rest your hands in a soft, warm pouch. 

I call it the Akoya hoodie as this scarab piece came through the tip of my pen under a very, very sacred circumstance. Unknowingly I began drawing this piece at the very same time as my soul brother Josiah Akoya left this intricacy we call life in a tragical accident. As part of my soul contract with him he wanted me to share this with you. It is a love note from the other side. A symbol of ETERNITY. 

At some point I will share more about it, yet right now I need to finagle other details in this web realm. Feel free to ask me questions if you have any. 

This piece is meant to be medicine for those who stand at a sacred threshold of transformation and need a reminder to trust the beauty way.