By the seat of my Leom pants ~

3rd Dec 2015

A few years back I met a man in Bali who had traveled there with pretty much no money. He arrived at the airport, hoping to withdraw his last cash from the ATM… but it was not working. He broke down onto his knees in front of the ATM in surrender to his situation. A woman walked up to him and gave him $40. A few weeks into his trip he told me his story and how magically everything was unfolding. I thought to my self… Wow… I could not do that anymore. I used to live that way. Oh, I can tell you stories... Life threw me into the magic early on. I am not as broke as I used to be… But those times taught me the ropes. And then I thought again…. Yes… Actually I do still live that way. I just play it on a larger scale. Back in the day I just needed a little bit to pay for food and a few other things. Now I manifest enough abundance to honor everyone involved in my creation mechanism. When I launch a sale… I have NO clue what it will do. When I empty my bank account to wire funds to my tailors, I lay my hands on my heart at the bank and whoosh it off with a blessing, thanking all the energies that have helped make it happen once again. I am amazed that it keeps on giving. Even if we feel more stable in life at some points, we always remain as fragile as life itself. Its good to remember this.

So yes…. I still fly by the seat of my pants… but thankfully I designed them to be fly ;)

High five life! I love you.