Leom walk in closet

7th Mar 2017

You know.... I have always been inspired by people who have undergone a deep metamorphosis in order to remain true to them selves. Whatever that may look like. And although people may have their own definition of ‘queer’… I am choosing to use the term as a metaphor for those ways in which we are not all definable by society. Believe me… I have had my own unique closet to come out of in life. Don’t we all? Yet over time I made sure that this said closet became a huge, beautiful walk in closet called Leom Designs. I am sitting in it right now... With its door wide open on a beautiful day. And while I am not catering to any specific crowd that I know of, nor am I able to expect to be liked by everyone or have been able to make things for every type ( please don’t take it personally) … I have trusted that being me will translate and speak to enough people to make it work. And that to me is such a miracle. It has been an amazing journey to follow the threads through all the various chapters of my life. Thank you life. Thank you friends. I love you