vanity of humanity

5th Apr 2017

There was a particular freeing moment in the early stages of making clothing for people. I mean…. making clothing… isn’t that catering to the vanity of humanity? These were my fears. I was very hesitant to embark on the journey of making wearables for others rather than just for myself. Although people kept asking me…. Where did you get your clothes? Before Leom Designs I was a body worker, artist and poet … and yes I made things to wear as part of my self discovery. It took me some serious questioning before I busted through the layers…. Yet some time into my quest I heard a voice. It said ‘ just do what you are good at ~ keep your heart intact and see what happens’. Wow… okay…. That just was the best permission I could have received. It pierced through all the layers.

Some of us may think that we should not get tangled up in our looks, some may think its all about the looks, some us may have fears of being labeled in one or another way by the way we appear, should not this, should not that… we don’t want to be judged by others. Margo makes’ cool people clothes’ …. And that day when my inner voice said ‘ just do what you are good at and keep you’re heart intact…. and see what happens….’ Everybody gets to be who the hell they want to be. And if people cannot see the goodness that continues to beam through our layers… then they are clearly missing out and are quite possibly living in a box. No matter how zen we prefer to present ourselves or if we like to adorn ourselves like xmas trees. Its all the same. As long as that heart beams through it all… one cannot be better than the other.

Thank goodness… that day I broke through a limited belief system within my self. Because I had been somehow sneakily judging others and then ran fear of being judged. Yet I was trapped by MY judgement towards myself.... We truly are fascinating creatures. It was incredibly freeing to let that one go.

Just in case you needed the permission to beam your love through any god damn medium there is…. HERE IT IS!!! That is what we came to do. To take something that could be mundane and just another thing that potentially has had a bad rap in one way or another and to infuse it with our love.