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The kimono tunic top is a sleek and elegant piece with a low swoop in the front and back. The ties can be wrapped in multiple ways for a sweetheart look. 

The material is buttery soft and the style is fitted. 


XS - bust: 30" - 34"       waist: 28" - 32"   

S - bust: 32" - 36"         waist: 30" - 34"    

M - bust: 34"- 37"         waist: 32" - 36"    

L - bust: 36" - 40"         waist: 34" - 38"    

XL - bust: 36" - 42"       waist: 34" - 40"  


I will soon have photos with actual human bodies in them for better reference, but wanted to get this piece up until that photo shoot takes place :) 


95% high grade non-pilling eco rayon / 5% spandex 

Unlike most man-made fibers, rayon is not synthetic. It is made from wood pulp, a naturally-occurring, cellulose-based raw material. It was also made in a closed-loop process, meaning the by-product that some rayon productions release into the waterways is here re-used and therefore qualifies as an eco fabric.