Leom Cocoon Light

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In a dimension far, far away, yet near and quite possibly even right here... a place made of energy hard to define, yet what I know is that it is sublimely divine.
From this place, I bring you a story.
To articulate this message, I’ll dress it in words and shapes... and if it all stops rhyming, I will not worry ;) 
It comes from a place where tall elven beings dwell among ancient trees and they pray for goodness to prevail among the universes. Within the tallest branches form silken cocoons, and every time a light ignites within one of these spiraling formations during the dark of the moons, they know that somewhere within Infinity, someone is daring to live their deepest truth and dream.
I am here to relay that this light ~ Your love is being seen.
The beginning
That’s my story ~ and I am sticking to it  
Custom Leom designed brass fixture, brass or copper chain, copper wire, raw silk encased, rotary switch. This model has a long high-end lamp cord and plug and therefor won't require to be wired into a ceiling outlet. It is ready to be hung into a nook on a hook. You could pair it with a hanging plant for an even lovelier display and to mask the cord. 
Please note that the price is per lamp ~ not pair. 
Made to order ~ By me. 
Please allow me up to 2 weeks to custom make you one... Yet hopefully the turnaround will be a lot faster! And I may have a few ready to glow! 
P.S. The clay hanging planter and painting are also by me.... and maybe I'll have more of those available soon too. Feel free to inquire. They make a nice lil Leom habitat together. 
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