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This is how it works:


You can buy Leom Credit in $25 increments. So if you put 5 increments in your shopping cart and use the current coupon code at checkout you will have only paid for 4. Then I will set you up with an account where I issue you the store credit for the 5 x $25 increments you bought. Along with a password, so you can redeem your credit anytime. It does not expire.

And you can even use the credit future sales which will almost drop the price to an amazing unheard of deal! :)

While most colors and designs will return and new ones are still arriving... Please do understand that maybe not every single design or color will return, as a few materials may have run out of stock for good. As long as you are flexible that you may find something else to hit your happy spot then this is a great way to get in on this awesome deal. You are welcome to email me and ask if I will be able to bring something back if you are only interested in one particular thing. 

Please be aware that store credit can not be refunded, but we are happy to swap you for other sizes, colors or designs. 

The best way to be notified when item is back in stock, is by clicking on the color and size of the design and leaving your email in the column provided. You will automatically receive an email when it is back in stock. 




Thank you for your support and trust in Leom Designs