Here is a little Leomythology for you to understand how the name for Leom Designs was birthed … long before I knew where the threads would lead me. 

Way back in the day every so often I would experience a particular energy that would make me feel more alive, connected, creative, beautiful, uplifted and inspired. Yet sadly I also knew what it felt like to live in the absence of these life-giving essences. At some point, I felt to name this special energy as if it were a friend who came to visit me in magical moments. 

I named her Leom. 

Once I had named her I was able to engage in a dialogue and ask her some crucial questions. Like… ‘Where do you go when you leave me in the dust? And how can I make you feel more welcome to come around more often? Because without you life is truly not magical at all…’

Well, she said… ‘I am glad you ask. I am of a certain realm and you can get stuck in the muck on occasion which is not my terrain. Even if I wanted to… I simply can’t. But what you can do, is to engage and create. And this I was to do by making offerings of beauty. As one would build a beautiful altar or play music or create any kind of honoring by evoking a sacred space, she asked me to make her costumes to playfully give her spirit shape. In these ways, I was to lend her a language through which we could merge. 

And so I began to align myself more consciously with my vaster creative s-elf. I decided to make her feel welcome by keeping the creative flame burning and dialing in portals for the divine to pour through. Continuous effort seems to be worth moments of infinity. 

That was long before I ever ran a clothing business. The pieces were assembled slowly. Step by step.... guided by my original connection with Leom. See, I never had the intention to create clothing for others yet as I made more and more pieces for my higher s-elf, more and more people asked me where I got my clothing. So eeeeeventually I decided to open the portal up to share my creations. I really had to evaluate my resistance to it, as it felt very personal to me to have made that connection with Leom and I wasn’t ready quite yet to have others wear my designs. But after savoring my discovery for a while, I finally reached the point where I was able to recognize that we must share our gifts once we have sufficiently connected ourselves to our source. And that indeed the portal may close if I end up hogging it to myself. And I can tell you I AM SO GRATEFUL that I was able to take that leap of faith. My community has grown and so many beautiful people have come into my life through this choice to open the Leom portal to the world. It is an ongoing quest…. always following this original golden thread through all the obstacles and challenges that continue to arise with the material realm. Leom is my ally. 

You may think I am kinda out there. You may think this is a cute, playful story. Both are true. It is as much of a story as a story can be. I guess we need to find some way to describe energy. After all, everything tangible is just like a piece of clothing for the energy that runs through it.


With love, 

Margot Leom