The very first tea tray was a collaboration of our friends Azalyne and Aurelius of Astral Chrysalis Designs, Jesse and myself. A&A had the vision and the laser engraver, Jesse had the wood working skills and I had the art to contribute. 

In a roundabout way, the art we used on that first piece was the ‘metamorsafish' I drew after a transformational journey that led me to learn about a Japanese legend, a mythological story about a koi fish who swims upstream and, against all odds, eventually reaches Dragon Gate, where it transforms into its higher self ~ a dragon.

Dragon Gate Designs was born. 

As Jesse has been too busy building our home and working on various and ongoing building projects and touring and working musically as a multi-instrumentalist and home recording engineer, he had to put this project on the back-burner even with the ongoing interest. There are only so many hours in the day... 

But it looks like he came back out of the gate ~ The Dragon Gate.