Magical Margot Leom,

I have been wearing Leom Designs for years and could not imagine what my wardrobe would look like if I had not found your treasures. I feel overwhelming gratitude to be able to live my life comfortably, confidently, and passionately in your clothing. 
It is clear to me that Leom Designs is much greater than just clothing. Your artistic energy and beautiful attention to community are two of many reasons I am so inclined to support you in these most challenging of times.
Today’s email was greatly appreciated. I look forward to continue receiving news letters and updates.
I believe in your small business and I believe in you. May you find strength through the community and continue to do what you love. 
With an open heart, positivity, and love, I thank you.
Laurie Snow

THANK YOU time and time again for creating my MOST favorite clothes to put on my body! To dance in... to work in.... to lounge in... to sleep in. Your serpent tights have been my uniform, more or less, for nearly a decade now!! People stop me on the street to ask about them, and I always tell them where to get them and encourage them to! I send friends links when you have sales with a note that says, "get the serpent pants already!"

And now the strappy bra is my new favorite piece of clothing- so comfortable and supportive! Just came back to get more.

So all of this to just say thank you- your work does make a difference! You keep us comfortable and feeling our best, so we can do our best work... and the goodness ripples on and on.

With gratitude

Erika Siegel


Margo, I received my items and LOVE your designs. I feel so beautiful in them and receive endless compliments. Not to mention they feel durable and are amazingly comfortable. Thank you! I'll be back.

My friend suggested I check out your website.  I recently made the commitment to myself and the environment to stop buying mass produced clothes made of synthetic material and to begin draping myself in beautiful high quality garments that reflect my inside and my commitment to beauty and change on the planet.  He gave me a list, saying he was friends with all of the designers/artists and that I would be supporting beautiful people by buying from these sites.  Your styles resonate with me the deepest.  Much love and gratitude...Blessings. 
Chelsea Perkins 
Dear Margo, I just wanted to let you know that I received my package today (thank you for the lightning fast shipping!) and every single piece is so beautiful, well made and simply flattering, I was close to being in tears of happiness.
Thank You.
I’ve told you this similar sentiment many times, but it bears saying again. Your clothes are just the best! I’ve been around this rodeo for a while now and experienced a lot of different clothes. Yours truly is art!  incredible and noteworthy. Style, functionality, longevity, sexiness, sassiness, excellent fabrics, freedom, and movement, and just beautiful. Thank you so much for what you do!

Candace Verlee Gazipura