Naya Loons (new colors)

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Yay! These summer loons finally have arrived! Just in time for fall ;) 

They are the super soft and slinky hot weather version of the Bamboo Loon and Kotoia Loon. They feel super yummy on the body. 

I will say that due to the nature of this thinner material you will need to cherish them with a little extra care. They are made out of the same material I make my hati line out of as well as the omkara pants and indah top. The material does not pill and washes well. I suggest to keep them out of the dryer to elongate their life span. 


I am aware that the charcoal photo is still missing.... I will get it up asap... but in the meantime you can look up charcoal in all the hati designs as well as the omkara pant, samanvi dress, which are all made out of the same color and material xox