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Leom walk in closet


You know.... I have always been inspired by people who have undergone a deep metamorphosis in order to remain true to them selves. Whatever that may look like. And although people may have their own definition of ‘queer’… I am choosing to use the term as a metaphor for those ways in which we are not all definable by society. Believe me… I have had my own unique closet to come out of in life. Don’t we all? Yet over time I made sure that this said closet became a huge, beautiful walk in closet called Leom Designs. I am sitting in it right now... With its door wide open on a beautiful day. And while I am not catering to any specific crowd that I know of, nor am I able to expect to be liked by everyone or have been able to make things for every type ( please don’t take it personally) … I have trusted that being me will translate and speak to enough people to make it work. And that to me is such a miracle. It has been an amazing journey to follow the threads through all the various chapters of my life. Thank you life. Thank you friends. I love you  

By the seat of my Leom pants ~

A few years back I met a man in Bali who had traveled there with pretty much no money. He arrived at the airport, hoping to withdraw his last cash from the ATM… but it was not working. He broke down onto his knees in front of the ATM in surrender to his situation. A [...]

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#StoryTailor #CutPraySew #FollowTheThreads Wearing full length shirt and pants on a crazy hot day, sunglasses, helmet and face mask, I make my way up the Mount Batur. Past the endless wood carvings, shops, rice fields, fruit stands and yes… through a police checkpoint. Although I was forewarned by a local who chased me along [...]

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The most profound act of forgiveness is towards ourselves. I have come to realize lately that I am my own worst saboteur. I had to pull out the magnifying glass for this one… yet it was crystal clear under a lens. There are things we love about ourselves and we tend to let those traits [...]

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