The Transformation Akoya Scarab ::SOLD::

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'The Transformation' tea tray is made of a thick walnut slab and has a gorgeous natural grain. All natural cracks have been stabilized and filled with epoxy to add more beauty to the piece.

The original art work came through me under a potent circumstance. You can read about it in my art stories. It is undoubtedly a ceremonial piece. 

It comes with a clear drain hose for those who like to utilize the drain. 

The size is approximately 14x26 inches 


You can email Jesse at with any additional questions. 


If our shipping cost ends up below $30 we are happy refund that amount. If you are living outside the US we may need to be in toucb in person over the best shipping options. Also, If you live in the Santa Cruz area, feel free to contact Jesse for a local pick-up. 

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