Blue Mesa Manzanita Tray ::SOLD::

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The 'Blue Mesa' tea tray is made of a manzanita burl that has been harvested from the land we live on. It is a rare gem, as it is hard to come by big enough pieces of root burl to make a sturdy piece out of. Imagine the work it takes to dig the root burl up, lug it up steep terrain, and cut multiple slices with a chainsaw until you find a slab worthy of working with. It takes tools and experience combined with determination. The epoxy fills take their own kind of experience and diligence. Once the design has been routed, it receives many rounds of sanding and oiling to get the result you see here. Wait... one more trip to have the logo added by laser engraver and a few photos to get this baby up online with all the details... Voila! And yes, this piece comes with the fun feature of illumination. The separate LED lights can be included for an additional $30 and can be set in many different color hues by remote control. 

The size is approximately 18x18 inches 

You can email Jesse at with any additional questions. 


If our shipping cost ends up below $30 we are happy refund that amount. If you are living outside the US we may need to be in toucb in person over the best shipping options. Also, If you live in the Santa Cruz area, feel free to contact Jesse for a local pick-up. 

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