leomderwear underwear 'Light' (NEW FABRIC GRADE)

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This lighter material is great for the summer months. 

I also still have my original version in thicker cotton/lycra available, yet as my fabric supplier is currently only offering black and white in the cotton lycra, I bring to you this new version made of eco-rayon (a fiber made from pine trees) 


Let's be real—most of you gentlemen could use a underwear intervention. Or should we say, an "undervention"? Fear not, I'm here to revolutionize your undergarment game. Allow me to introduce 'Leomderwear'—the one and only, adorned with original artwork by Margot Leom, ensuring you stay activated within and withunder.

Some call them "manties," others might suggest "mulabundawear," but here you'll find the pinnacle of undergarment innovation. And guess what? These cost me a pretty penny to produce, yet I'm offering them to you for much less than the usual retail markup. Consider it my dharma and offering to the under-world. You're welcome! :)


I have been told they run a tad on the small side. Consider sizing up for extra comfort. 


:: cotton lycra, soft elastic waist band, no itchy tags ::