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The 'Meta Walnut' tea-tray is made of a chunky piece of walnut and has been laser engraved with my 'meta-morsa-fish' line art after which Dragon Gate Designs is named. Inspired by the Japanese legend ~ a coy that swims up-stream where it reaches Dragon-Gate and transforms into a dragon. 

You can read more about its meaning here

This tray is a smaller sized piece, ideal for a small table and small daily tea ceremonies. 

It is approximately 10 inches wide and 13 inches long. 

The price of this piece is reduced as a unpredictable birth-mark started to reveal itself in the final coats of the final finish. A lot of care and love went into it and we hope it will find a lovely home to be enjoyed ~ as is. 


If you live in the Santa Cruz area and would prefer an in person viewing, please don't hesitate to reach out. We are happy to reimburse you the shipping cost in this case. 

email with questions 


Basic Care Instructions: Wipe with a damp, soft cloth :: Avoid the scratchy side of the sponge. While it can handle the heat of tea, make sure you do not place tea-lights on the wood. 

FYI: As the shipping cost is auto-calculated based on dimensions and weight, while we are not sure what the exact weight will be after proper packaging for these one-of-a-kind pieces, I have buffered the amount a little. Just in case the actual shipping cost will be lower than what you ended up paying, we will reimburse you for that amount.